Young Athenians is a digital design studio located in Athens, Georgia, USA. We represent our collective as a studio because the word ‘studio’ is derived from ‘study’. Our object is not to know the answers before we do the work. It’s to know them after we do it.


Young Athenians is an independent digital design studio in Athens, GA, OFfering a variety of services to help businesses communicate visually within the marketplace.

We at Young Athenians are trained and experienced professionals from each of the different disciplines necessary to execute all digital design needs. Our service offerings can be as simple—but essential—as Logo Development and Media Consulting to complete Brand Identity Development involving Web Design, Graphic Design, Photography, Copywriting, and Information Architecture.

We are located in the greatest small town in America, a town of over 300 bands, working artists of every ilk, and James Beard Award winning chefs and restaurants. From this fertile earth, Young Athenians was born and has grown, nourished and sustained by all the creative freedom encourage by the local environment. Looking around us we see the market in the raw, the trends before they crest and break.

The Athenian locavore dines on organic farm-to-table cuisine, hangs out at one of the only art cinemas in the country that can show original 35mm prints, and catches home-grown and touring bands at dozens of clubs any night of the week. What is developed in this small town has global reach and resonance. Young Athenians brings all this to the Internet and the creation of a web-presence.



Meet the Young Athenians. A range of personalities and talents assembled for the common goal of digital design production. The web is personal to us, it is an intimate space where the interpersonal is explored and curated for the public. The internet is about connection, and we understand how to harness harmony. We are interior designers for your public digital space. We create web spaces in which to meet, interact, express yourself, your art, your product, your business. We are your partners in expression and representation. We are your visual voice.


Kim Kirby

Creative Director + Founder

Brittainy Lauback

Project Manager + Photographer


Joel Kern

Designer + Developer



Charline Léger

Designer + Developer